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How Jewelry is Polished Here at MoneyMan

On Saturday, I dedicated my whole day to polishing the sterling silver jewelry so I decided to show you guys how we polish our jewelry here at MoneyMan. I had a small little box that (believe me) fits a nice amount of jewelry in it. I wanted to show you guys a small example of the difference in appearance when you get your jewelry cleaned and polished.

Warning: Jewelry polishing is a messy job! So excuse me for the black smudges you will see in the background. That would be all the polish that I rub off from the jewelry or my fingers.

Our polishing machine below. He gets all of our jewelry here nice and shiny. Thank you machine! :)

Here is the small box of jewelry that I had to tackle on Saturday.

When I was first learning how to polish jewelry, it just terrified me. I feared that my hand would get caught and come out all mangled. Obviously, that didn’t happen since I’m still here ;). Anyways, I realized that there’s no need to be frightened by the machine that much. As long as you have a firm hand on the item you are polishing and don’t have any hooks pointing up, you are good to go! Oh, remember to stop and take some breaks. Drink water and do some stretches!



This picture below shows you one side of earrings that hasn’t been polished yet and one side that has been. I’m sure you can guess which side is which.

I forgot to take a “before” picture of this pretty guy so its half polished in the first picture. Fully polished in the second picture with the butterfly pendant.

These guys looks like they were sitting in someone’s drawer for a very long time. Very beautiful pieces too once polished up.

That wasn’t all the pieces that I polished, just a small sample. My family might have fired me a long time ago if I could only get that much done in one day haha. If interested in getting any jewelry repairs or work done, come on in! Cleaning jewelry is always free and can cost as little as $10 to get it polished. Thanks for reading!

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