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What's It Like to be a Jeweler?

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a jeweler? Or how they are able to create such interesting and unique designs? I've always been curious about jewelry work so I asked Eric Glumpe a few questions about his experience as a jeweler…

Are you ready for this? Here we go!

When did you first start?

I started making and repairing jewelry when I was 18 years old.

How did you feel?

Of course, when you first start something, you will feel a bit nervous. Over time I realized - hey, I'm not too bad at this! I'm pretty awesome.

What do you like about being a jeweler?

The ability to be creative and the challenge. We all need a good challenge every once in a while. I've had customers come to me with a stone and say "Make this into something. I trust you." Right there, my brain starts going into this mode where ideas just start pouring.

I had this one couple come in with this beautiful fancy cut Opal. They told me to set it in a ring, any ring. They brought in just the stone and no idea in what kind of setting they wanted the Opal to be set in. So I had to do my homework searching for the best setting I could find for the Opal.

The setting I found had round diamonds accenting on the top four corners of the ring. It looked perfect with the Opal. I had the couple come in to make sure they loved it as much as I did before I set the stone. Once they gave me the nod of approval, I went to work. Of course, I added an extra touch to not only make it even more intriguing, but it also better secured in the Opal.

The couple was so pleased with my work. I think that feeling - the emotion of joy, excitement, and happiness - that they gave off would be another thing that I love about being a jeweler.

As a jeweler, what is the work you do most often?

Hmmm… possibly ring sizing would be the most common type of repair.

What is your most memorable job?

Now this is a tough question. There has so many memorable pieces. Maybe because it is more of a recent custom job, but I would say the Autism Awareness puzzle ring wins the prize. It was a huge ring. There was a lot of sculpting and polishing work involved in that one.

I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for reading!

If you have any pieces of jewelry you need some work done on or even have some nice ideas about some custom work, please contact us or stop by to see our jeweler!

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