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The Many Faces of Our Website. Which do you think is better?

Happy October! I hope everyone had a wonderful September! Sorry we haven't been making any posts lately. We just have been really busy using this month trying to get our new website together and all perfect for you guys. Please take a look around our website!

So have you ever wondered what our website looked like in the past? Of course, our MoneyMan mascot remains the same throughout the years as we find him quite irreplaceable! Please take a look below to see our different website designs since the very beginning (1998). After reviewing our different websites, feel free to leave us comments about which setup or part of the websites that you like, or even dislike, the most. As always, enjoy reading and stop by our Pawn Shop for awesome deals and amazing merchandise that we're sure you'll love!

Our first design of our website was very standard, but served its purpose very well. The vertical navigation tabs helped get the point across about who we were and what we had to offer to our customers. As you can see in the first and second pictures, the website designs remained pretty similar to each other. The main differences were that we applied some color change and updated some pictures of the items in our store. The addition of the Google map helped people to see where we were exactly located.

As said earlier, these designs were very basic, but through time and time again they proved to be efficient at serving their purposes; delivering information about us, showcasing top products, and above all, appealing to our customers on a day to day basis.

Our next design was made by our awesome friend, Kristina. She has worked with us for many, many years, until the day she moved out of the state. Most of loyal customers remember her and ask about her all the time. Just to let you all know - She is doing great! (We still miss you!)

We used her design for a few years. The design was very straight forward and to the point, much like the last two. But this one here, had a very unique twist to it, that gave off a customand personalized feeling. The background started off as a vivid green and then faded off to a white color so that the text would be easy to read.As you can probably see, the navigational tabs on the left named off our services and the different items we had for sale. They were expanded with sub items for more services we offered, and more awesome things that our past, present, and even future customers will love! A picture of the outside of our store was also applied in hopes of helping customers grasp a better understanding of what our shop looked like.

On the bottom as well, you have the infamous Google Maps image, so our customers can locate us easily and hassle free whenever need be. We also listed the daily rates of Gold and Silver for our customers who wanted to stop by to either buy, pawn, and/or sell jewelry they may have had.

All in all Kristina's design was more than amazing, and served its purpose a lot more than it originally was meant to do, Which is saying a lot! After using this design for several years, we needed to bring in a fresh new look in hopes of improving our website. As the saying goes, there is always room for improvement!

As you can see in the picture to the left, we stuck to the green and white color scheme in our next website design. However, we switched up the horizontal navigation bar at the top and move the images around a bit as well. With Kristina's help, we were even able to make Mr. MoneyMan animated!

The gold rates, platinum rates, and silver rates were moved towards the bottom, along with the links to our Facebook page, eBay store, craigslist listings, and our old eCrater shop as well.

The main content was moved towards the center hopefully making it easier to the eyes of our views. We still kept the image of the shop and moved it towards the top right side of the website. This design we thought would be more helpful and appealing to the eye. And hopefully it was!

Moving along to our previous design. This design we only had for a few months. At first, we believed that this design would be better for our viewers, but quickly realized that it wasn't the best design and a bit harder to navigate. Of course, we added a bit of extra flair. For instance, our Facebook news feed on the bottom of the page, quick access and connections to all of our social media pages, and updated pictures of the store. However, we still thought that the layout was lacking a bit and actually difficult to navigate using a mobile device. Sorry design, you had to go!

Therefore, we are very excited to announce that we changed our website. Please take a look around our newly developed website. Isn't it nice? We integrated the store within our website so that purchases can be made easier and faster. Also, please feel free to leave us any comments or suggestions - what you like or dislike about this design or any of our previous designs. You know how to reach us! Thank you very much for reading!

Remember: Don't ever hesitate to contact us if you ever need us! We would be more than happy to help out! We proudly serve Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, University Park, Palmetto, and Ellenton.

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