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Sales Tax on Coins & Bullion in Florida

Recently, a young lady came in with her family looking for silver coins. After she selected a few silver dimes and quarters, I informed the family their purchase was exempted from sales tax. Her and the family took quick confused glances at each other and stated that a few pawn shops in Bradenton charged sales tax on silver Roosevelt dimes. Even though I am only mentioning this incident, this was not the first time consumers silmilar to them paid sales tax on coins that they shouldn't have been taxed on. I was honestly amazed. I realized that a lot of coin buyers don't understand which coins and bullion you should/shouldn't get taxed on. So I am here to give you a quick and simple understanding on sales tax on coins bullion in the state of Florida (laws vary by state).

American Silver Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf: MoneyMan Pawn Shop in Bradenton

All United States currency (coins and paper money) is tax exempt. That includes the one ounce American silver eagles since they have a face value of $1. Bullion and foreign coins are only tax exempt when the total sales price amount in a single transaction is $500 or more. So Florida state taxes (6%) plus any county sales taxes (0.5% in Manatee County) will apply to them under $500.

It's as simple as that! Hopefully this helps those of you who are frequent coin buyers!

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