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MoneyMan Pawn New Paint, New Look. Do you like?

Hey guys!

Did you notice our face lift? It has almost been 18 years without changing anything on the outside.

Over the years, we have changed our display cases and shelves, added shelving, arranged our products differently and even painted on the inside. And now, the changes have finally reached to the outside of our building. Have you seen our new look yet? If you haven't seen us, take a look here. I have some pictures available so there's no way you can't miss this!

It was a long process but it was definitely time for us to give the building some flare and personality. We had to take down all of the lettering and clean the whole building. Many customers thought we were getting ready to close down - but don't worry! I promise we are NOT going anywhere.

Ron, pictured below, was bestowed the task of removing the letters. This was his first time playing on a cherry picker. I think he was a little intimidated by the machinery at first, but he overcame that quickly.

After Ron finished taking all the letters down, the painting began! We hired the professionals at Brushwurx to do it for us so that we know it would come out perfect. Please take a look below for the end results. What do you think? Let us know!

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