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What's a Mother's Ring?

Have you ever wondered what a mother's ring is? Or how this design started? When should it be given? When should it be worn? What about how can you get one? Well you've come to the right place to figure this all out!

A mother's ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that generally represents the connection between mother or grandmother to their children and/or grandchildren. The ring would hold the birth gemstones of each child.

It is said that about 60 years ago, one jeweler was trying to find the perfect gift for his sweet wife for mother's day. The end result was two wedding bands with three birthstones between the two bands. The wedding bands represented the union between him and his wife while the birthstones were representations for each child they had together. A simplistic design with such a deep meaning!

Mother's rings are great gifts for any mom on Mother's Day. They even make wonderful gifts for birthdays or holidays like Christmas. After the ring is given as a gift, it can be worn any time - casually, at events, parties, anywhere!

If you need any ideas or have questions about Mother's Rings, please let us know and we will be able to help!

To give you an example, we had one of our excellent customers come in recently asking to expand her mother's ring. On her original mother's ring, she already had her daughter's birthstone and her grandchildren's birthstones on it. You can see her ring on the left hand side in the picture on the right. She wanted to find a way to somehow include her three great grandchildren.

So we found her a band that we had for sale in our jewelry cases, a beautiful band that had 3 gemstones in it. Two out of the three gemstones on the band already matched two of her great grandchildren's birthstones. All we needed to do was change out one of the green Emerald stones with a pink Tourmaline. After our jeweler switched the one stone, he soldered the two rings together so that they wouldn't come apart.

The finished ring! She was so happy we were able to expand her ring to include her great grandchildren. :)

There are so many different designs and looks you can choose from if you're looking for a mother's ring. Take a look through our catalog and contact us to let us know when we can make your ring happen!

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