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Jewelry Repair in Bradenton, FL

MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry

Jewelry is valuable on a financial and a sentimental level. When your favorite piece breaks, it can feel like quite a loss. But donít worry- Just give MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry a call, or come down and visit us! We staff an expert jeweler with over 30 years of experience, who will make the repairs right here in our shop. You will never have to worry about your valuable piece falling into the wrong hands- we do all the work right here!

Our Quality Guarantee

We also ensure that your repairs are done the right way, every time. Some jewelers repair platinum pieces with white gold, which is very obvious to the eye. This can decrease the value of your item because of the workmanship and appeal. At MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry, we always use the right materials to repair your jewelry. By the time we are finished, you will never even know your valuable piece needed repairs!

Cost Estimates, For Your Convenience

Worried about the cost of a repair? All prices are based on standard 10 to 14 karat gold. Platinum items, as well as certain types of jewelry and designs, may need to be custom quoted for repairs. We will quote you a price when you visit our shop.

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