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Sell Your Items

MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry

Do you have items you donít use anymore? Is your closet or garage full of stuff that is just collecting dust? Do you have Old Jewelry that you really donít use anymore? Well why not just sell it and make some extra cash!

Selling your unwanted items may seem like a challenging task. Listing items online and shipping them can be difficult, confusing and costly, while setting up a garage sale is often time-consuming and doesnít make you money. Thatís where MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry can help!

You can bring goods, such as jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, broken gold, tools, electronics, musical instruments, car stereos, and many other valuables.


1, 2, 3

Extra cash in your pocket!

  1. Come down to the shop with an item (or items) you want to sell.
  2. Weíll examine your item and give you a free quote on its value!
  3. If you decide to sell that item, weíll give you cash!

Peace of Mind, Every Time

We take the hassle and the guess work out of identifying, pricing, and selling items. Our staff will always speak to you honestly about the quality and the price of the item. We are always willing to look at any type of item and help you sell to us.

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