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U-Haul Rentals in Bradenton, FL

MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry

Maybe you have a large pick-up from our store. Maybe you have a large drop-off to make. Or, maybe you just need to move something from point A to point B. MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry can help! We are an authorized U-Haul Rental Dealer, to help you get where you’re going-with all of your things in tow.


We offer multiple pieces of equipment to assist in moving your items. You can rent appliance dollies, furniture dollies, utility dollies, and furniture pads from us! We also keep boxes and some packing supplies in stock, so that you can buy your items and box them, too!

Service Rentals

We can offer you U-Haul trucks in multiple sizes!

20 & 26 ft
15 & 17 ft
10 ft

Need more information? Check out the specifications for each truck we offer here!

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